2. Moby - Inside


  3. Shout out to the people who would/do actually go onto my tumblr to hear new songs. because I keep getting threats from tumblr saying I’m violating copyright rules. Which is fine, this tumblr was never to impersonate that the music I was posting was mine, rather than it was to promote amazing artists and it was more aimed at showing my best friend new songs to add to her playlist. So soz tumblr if I’m breaking the rules.


  4. sooooo inlove with Will Heard


  5. allfilmeverything:

    a clean gto

    Zeiss Ikon Contina / Fomapan 400


  6. Marble Players - Minute Of Love



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  8. Alex Adair - Make Me Feel Better


  9. (via poisones)


  10. Drake - Hold On We’re Going Home (LOCO Remix)



  12. Daniel Zuur - Never Gonna Break



  14. Doja Cat - So High (Beshken Remix)